-Helping girls caught in the sex trade-

Angeles City, Philippines

Talitha Cumi is for 'the one' - each individual girl and her story.  The girl who sells her body night after night.  The one who's hurt and scared, who has pushed her dreams so deep within that they're almost unrecognizable.  Talitha Cumi is for her.  To ensure she won't be forgotten inside a brothel, but seen and known with an incorruptible love. Talitha Cumi "little girl, arise".


15,000 girls and women work in the sex INDUSTRY in angeles city.

Prostitution in Angeles City began in correlation with U.S. military presence at Clark Air Base. Since the closure of the base in 1992 a new clientele of sex tourists have filled the gap making Angeles City the largest red-light district within the Philippines today.

An estimated 60,000 to 100,000 children in the Philippines are involved in prostitution rings.